By Kathy -
Date: 6 January 1998

Eyes of truth

Last night I watched your eyes light up
Just like they always used to
I saw the spark of love you deny yourself
for the sake of what you wonder might be

I saw you look at me that way
Like you did when we were “us”
And for a fleeting flying moment, we
were one again, connected 

The eyes, the windows of the soul 
or so they say and I believe
you feel more than you choose to know
and know more than you choose to say

I love your eyes for their radiant beauty
But also for their clear blue truth
Truth and beauty intertwined,
I saw the truth last night

I saw it in your eyes last night,
No matter how you push me away
And I will never be convinced
that you won’t love me as yesterday

Your eyes, your soul, you’re incomplete
Scared and doubtful of the choice you made
You wonder if I will still love you so
after you have cast me away

To that I say, love once love always
And you, my love are in my heart
Alone in that special place reserved
for only you, who won the part

Come back to me at your journey’s end,
When the truth you seek is near at hand
I will be here waiting, with open arms
to catch you.  I love you.

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