Jar of Fools
Jar of Fools is the book that makes me believe that the graphic novel has more potential to move people than does any form of traditional literature. It's convinced me that in modern times the combination of image and word holds more power than the word alone.

The summary of the plot from the back cover:
Haunted by the death of his escape-artist brother and a failed romance, the remaining hope of washed-up stage magician Ernie Weiss lies in his aging mentor, Al Flosso. But Al is slipping further into senility with each passing day. Meanwhile, Esther O'Dea, Ernie's ex-love, struggles to find peace in her own life, and a con-man named Nathan Lender sets some mysterious plans for Ernie's future in motion.
Jason Lutes, the author and illustrator of this work, has a spare style that captures the bleakness of the characters' lives but also complements the hopes that they all still carry. In this world, people have to depend on each other as well as finding the strength of themselves. It's a story that says romance is complicated and not without its regrets, but still worth having.

The story deals with magic; the telling of the story is magic. Get this book from Amazon.Com, you won't regret it. (And if you order by directly by clicking the previous link, you'll help support the Blender of Love!)

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