By z
Date: 28 January 1999


We each run around all day, making our pitter patter to bring home the bacon.
We come home and we're wired tired, not quite ready to let go of our day long
grind.  Caught up in the workday's grip, we manage to breakaway and do one
thing that makes us sane, keeps us whole.  It's this one thing that brings me
back to my senses and reminds me of why I'm together with you...

It doesn't matter where we do it.  Lie on the floor, on the couch or on the
bed.  Then we wrap... legs, arms, hands, around and close, fingers next to warm
skin.  And then... I gently scratch your back.  I know exactly what you're
feeling, because my back is arching to your strokes as well.  With every
scratch and soft rub, everything born of anxiety falls away.  We breathe each
other in and let go of the frivolous. 

In the touch of our fingertips, we remind ourselves that what really matters,
at the end of the day, is how red our skin is going to get. And well, really,
how good such a simple action feels and makes everything right again.  That's
why I love you so.  When I'm with you, I feel again.

--for j

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