By Nicole Betz
Date: 10 December 1998


   Thou, I long to kiss you sweetly,
and press my lips to yours
you deny me all I'm worthy
and your closing all your doors.
   I can't help but think I'm sorry
and that I have done you wrong
but I need to know you love me,
that you've loved me all along.
   Can't you see that I still need you
that I long to feel your touch
I am dying here without you
cause I'm loving you that much!
   Please won't you forgive me?
I'm needing you that bad
I'm sick and tired of crying
but I lost you, now I'm sad.
   I should say I'm sorry
that I love you and I need you
but will that change the way you feel,
will that change the things you do?
   I still long for loving,
all the great things that you are
knowing you'll forever be,
my forever, shining star!

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