By Misti Velvet Rainwater
Date: 7 April 2000

Lorelei's Delight

Kisses of a new kind just as thrilling & filling
I'm awed and honored and humbled and blown away
No doubt
Gone like Dorothy over the rainbow
So suprised to be here
All jazzed up in accidental magic and a road that
Leads to the one who can send me safely home
A better girl
Dancing comes so easy now and singing in the shower
Morning after morning
Omelets taste better than they've ever tasted before and 
Niceties seem like special blessings from royalty in disguise
Kings in blue jeans and Queens in wrinkled dresses
Eyesores abound in this land I've found
You are the cataclysm
I've always dreaded but 
Somehow now that you've happened
Destruction isn't such a bad thing
And I know it was necessary and overdue so I'm 
Blowing kisses back to you
Ebullient and

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