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why (from k to r, 7 Apr 1996)

I think that any life where we're not close, close in heart and mind and 
body, is a lie.

I think we need each other's strength.  You're stronger than anyone I've
been this close to.  I think we both need someone who can stand up to the
strength of our personality without losing their own sense of self. 
(Grammar breakdown, sorry) When Amy Ray penned "I am looking for someone
who can take as much as I give/Give back as much as I need," she was
tapping into that same feeling, she just expresses better than I can.

I don't think either of us is finding that strength in anyone else right
now.  I don't think we're likely to find that strength in anyone else, not
at this level, and not with so many of the other levels being so right. 

(Why am I not acting strong now?  I'm worried as our life at Tufts careems
to a finish; I'm worried that without the chance of accidental contact (in
a dining hall, between classes) we may slip out of each other's lives as
easily as a bar of soap from our hands... I feel that if I can't show you
the potential between us before we leave this hill then you may never see
it, and life will be a thousand times less than it could be.)

You're the only person I could see as a lover.  I might have relationships
with other people, make love with other people, love other people, but
your the only person I could see as a lover.  It's more than semantics, 
it's more than just kisses, it's more than I've ever known before.

be with me

ever and always kirk

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