"She has the most beautiful body my hands have ever seen."

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < july 2004 >
Hope your summer is going well. Your loyal Blender-Keeper has moved into his new soon-to-be-swinging bachelor pad, he's got new snappy glasses and a much better haircut, his back is much better than it was a month ago, the weather has been great, and the Land of Cleves awaits him.

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This month's Blender Feature is an actual e-mail dialog between the Blender Keeper and Anne Lapin, a gal from work who has been the guiding force of his recent make-over. It's a conversation about saying and hearing "I Love You" and it's good to have friends you can have that level of conversation with.

Read, Enjoy, and Wear Sunblock,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Untitled - Akash
Akash has a marvelous subtle hand with metaphors...I'm absolutely jealous. (If only the gift could be applied to titles...there's been an untitled Akash work on the front page every month since February!)

I Make Myself - JD
Taking our chances with teenage romances.

hands - blakey
This month's top of the page quote.

Air Force 1 Love Letter To Nancy - Ronald Reagan
Submitted by Erick Spangler. Reagan had a surprisingly deft touch with letters...I'd also suggest checking out his letter to his daughter Patti when she was a baby.

Saving Grace - B.K.
A nice tribute to the recently music great Ray Charles.

getting the mail - chris
I'm always captivated by more human ways of measuring time--in a dream I started measuring seasons in sunburns. In this work's case, cigarettes.

Wicked Ways - Ali
A good poem bookended by great opening and closing lines.

Side Road Bluntness - The Rocket Powered Vampire
A new voice on the Blender...I love the roar and clatter of its opening lines.

Sticking my neck out - jwb71913
<insert joke about 'taking it slow' here>

no title - cryingshame58
Nice rough and tumble nature to this "another silly poem with no title".

Inconvenient moments - wolfscreamer
Thinking on the beach.

thinking about home - Violet
More shore thoughts. (To my chagrin, I didn't follow my "at least get my feet wet" ritual last time I was the Jersey shore...)

Love Epiphany, 90210 - CordovaGirl
What do dreams know?

I'm Moving Back To A Stupid State - Misti
"punk rock lyrics posted at xanga"

A collection of mostly cynical thoughts on marriage, submitted by RennieLorca.

Everyone Says 'I Love You'
An e-mail dialog about hearing and saying that loaded phrase.

Heart on Sleeve Corner
210 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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