"Love is not a mere impulse, it must contain truth, which is law."

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
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Welcome to the October 2004 Edition of the Blender of Love!

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It seems like the Blender is evolving a bit...most notably, it's not receiving the sheer quantity of works on a monthly basis that it was a few years ago. And that trend bothered me for a bit, but now I think it's letting this place be a little more intimate, a little more personal. I really don't think it has effected the quality of the front page picks one bit.

The Message Board is still a friendly and supportive place, especially now that much of the rowdiness and wrangling has been moved to its home on the Politics Board, so even if you're "just" a reader here, feel free to stop in, pull up a (free and absolutely no-strings-attached) account, and say "hi".

This month your own Blender-Keeper rambles a bit on the Improbability of Casual Dating, so you can check that out as well...

Read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Untitled - angieubaldo
I recognized this feeling, the desire to warn the other person off before it's too late for them...

Launch Pad - wistful
Channeling rage into a trip to Asia...nice trick!

Egyptian Cotton - JD
Despite the slightly unfortunate possible readings of the first line, this is a nice poem with some lovely detail.

In Arms at Sunrise - Chances
There's something really grabbing about the slightly off-kilter rhythm of this.

the void - aparajita
Aparajita's introduction to this was "loving fall, but, feeling winter looming..."

Brethless - Irongirl
The intro to this was In her intro "siblings of the happy couple should never 'hit it off'." I don't know the full back story but the work has a remarkable passion and intensity.

Really Now
Hmm---hollywoodfox's first month here brought two frontpage picks, and that is repeated this month...just two simple, elegant works.

a long winded romance - darwin
I just love darwin's prose.

Quote - B.K.
This month's top-of-the-page-quote.

Tea and Telecommunication for Two - B.K.
This probably should get this month's award for "most fun title to say aloud". If we had one of those.

pink fuzzy slippers - chris
Chris, I'm very sorry to hear about the low-carb yuppie beer.

sea dreams - Violet
A quick sketch of domestic bliss.

Unforgotten Things - Ali
Great closing three lines.

On The Improbability of Casual Dating
The Blender-Keeper rambles about some new (to him) waters of the romantic world...

Heart on Sleeve Corner
95 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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