By Stephen
Date: 2001 Jul 09
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Rambling Poet-try

Beauty lurks out from behind giving you tap on the shoulder:
"Please know I'm there?"
"I don't only exist when you think I'm there at that "Formal Affair" "

You deny it is around, but it knows where you are...Resistance is hopeless
You are a single golden rose discovered in a city square,
a sigh of relief
a warmth beneath
a sunny retreat
and a very special hybrid of sweet...

You are that hidden voice
that breath of life
can this be the sight
of that dreamy delight
Yes, it is that fight
for the beauty of you to be known by the beholder of the light.

Before the twinkle in your eyes,
(whichever cover it might take)
The blond blends its shape
(whichever gorgeous shape that it might take)
Then the lips steal the show
(Not till after the nose does first though)
And then the whole shape dawns
(I know she'll know)
It doesn't take awhile to know how
beautiful I see her now.

Resistance is hopeless
For me
Why do I try to block it
When of course there is no escape
From your deadly glance
Because then I'm trapped
And there is no hope for return
For I'm lost again
In this "Formal Affair"

She need not to even bother to show
The beauty that she really beholds
Because that blue spark of dress
will never keep the secret of her

To see past her in the way I do
You need to understand...

With that trickle of blood
caused from when I tried to pick
that beautiful golden rose
To the way I write so, to let
her know
Your beauty is impossible to let go
I try to let it not show
But that Resistance is hopeless
And with that I again sigh
And I cannot stop and not abode
without a endless struggle from
that glowing colorful splendor
people call a eye-to-eye

Then that delicate foreign look
rends splinters between my eyes
For then, a great force is thrown
when the wind greets me so
The shock brings me slow
But then is left alone

It smacks to my vision so quickly
the affect happens quite frequently
Again that Resistance is hopeless
Because the shock-wave of your happiness
really doesn't fall as light as snow
Instead it piles and captures me
Trapped in that avalanched cabin
no way to escape, that I know

With your simple muscle movement
all Resistance is hopeless...
for a long while
Because I am visited by heaven
when you let out that shocking
angel of a smile

The voice rings out yet another round:
"Why do you not know I'm hear? I'm VERY loud?"
"Am I still not making enough sound?"
For you should already know the lengthy bounds
of that gift you have that is impossible to shroud...
My heartbeat beating at the pound...

Your constant utter beauty
Because it can never hide...

Resistance to you is hopeless