By Stephen
Date: 2001 Jul 09
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I've met a girl
who could make me cry
everything she did
would make me lie
every last moment
cherished through torture
contemplating my life
she made me cry
maybe one day
when the weight drags
never said never
can't carry her bags
wholesome entertainment
crying for the vengeful
never say never, love
you'd make me cry
came down off my status
gave her all I had
still breaking hearts, love
can't be this bad
but all together now
we stroll fortnight's hour
don't cry white dove
don't sing to the choir
sad for the angel, who I've forgotten
the suffering cued, candy to the mind
it lasts longer
while she was getting cold
comforting uncomfortable
I breathed her soul
totally heart struck
at that very moment
can't be the same again
her soul made me cry
given the option
I'd be here often
cradle this station to sign off
but living the highlight
saddled the back-light
dawned for our tainted forbidden love