By Stephen
Date: 2001 Jul 09
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today I have lost all my troubles
tomorrow I'll give in to my soul
swimming down that dry delta of fate
she shed the last tear for me in bed

I just don't know why
I could ever give a care
sure she would catch my lie
something I could spare

kibble brains and spotted stains
her and I don't go well
strawberries and dandylions to
those that couldn't fortell

it was ended in fighting words
ruined litl' girl's dreams
it finished on bad terms
her heart won by fiends

time flyed when I spoke with her
we always knew what to say
but this time we are lost of words
please tell me what you crave

maybe when we see
how much is hidden there
but till we fufill this need
she will never share

I have lost everything
I lost what meant to me
I have lost everything
frail heart sunk the sea          
I have lost everything
why didn't you take it slow
I have lost everything
it happened too fast to know