By Stephen
Date: 2001 Sep 11
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Hospitalized Dove

I will wake up tomorrow
to be the first thing you see
the light will singe your eyes
and the bend to turn your neck will bloom pain
but I will be there, by your side

I'll be holding your hand tomorrow
to be the first thing you feel
making sure to squeeze it tightly
to distract you from your head, your thoughts
and I will comfort you warmly, by your side

I'll speak to you softly tomorrow
cracking whispers from a morning voice
making a joke to see a smile, a sign
and whisper that I love you always
forever by your side

I'll then shed a tear for you tomorrow
when your tired abused eyes fall heavy
prompting myself covertly to hide my sadness
by wiping away salty water on my hand
still cupped firmly by your side

I'll pray for you unsoundly tomorrow
while you drift deep into your beauty void once again
making unregretful promises and offering self-sacrifices
to something more powerful up above
hoping it too, to be by your side

then I'll kiss your forehead tomorrow
soaking the cold of your skin to my lips
trying to soak the painful memories from your mind
and I'll tuck your blanket higher, and scoot my chair closer
as I again fall asleep tomorrow, by your side