By Stephen
Date: 2001 Sep 27
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I'd Like to Think...

I'd like to think that your thoughts are sometimes filled with images of me
I'd like to think that, but I know it's all just wishful thinking

I'd like to think that you think of me when you wake in the morning
rolling out from sheets you'd wish I would have been in with you
the scent of my hair or cologne still lasting on your pillow

I'd like to think that on your way to church when you pass those old eucalyptus trees
you are so allergic to, you remember the days we'd just stop randomly in front of them
for hug or a kiss...because of shade...because of the smell...I don't know...You sneezed
all the same though.

I'd like to think that when you go to lunch at lions you'd think of the times after
our theatre shows we'd stopped by to have a couple of shakes. You strawberry, me mocha.

I'd like to think when you come home after shopping and your busy day
you'd remember the times we sat around together just...talking,
calibrating each other's thoughts, interests, and opinions.

I'd like to think that before you laid down to go asleep
you would accidentally contemplate what it was like sleeping in my arms

I'd like to think that, but I know it's never going to be true
and I know I'd be lucky if you _even_ thought of me
cause only on occasion would my images from the past come to you anew
and for only friends would I ever to you be