By Stephen
Date: 2001 Oct 03
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Lovely Lovely Crystalline

I'm a weird ion.
Sometimes positive, other times negative
I change without exchange
And never could be neutrally balanced
I always hurled away anything that touched me
Nobody could shape my inconstant attire
You can't mark me on the Periodic Table
I got no atomic number
I'm just too darn unstable
I'm lost with my own orbiting electrons
Too fast to count how much I have
They supply ideas from their energy levels
But all of them seem to prove my atomic mass wrong
I wish I had the octave number
But I'm too different to share...
Till one day you came along
And I couldn't figure out how you worked
You formed with me an ionic bonding
A bonding unlike any before
We worked so well together
You changed to positive when I was negative
You went just enough negative when I was too positive
Perfect balance
Though I didn't even know your element's symbol
We started to crystallize about with each other
Growin' more naturally when minerals came our way
We formed into something beautiful
Using laws of constant interfacial angles
Increasing our relationship
Visibly showing our complicated natural perfection
Sometimes a piece of us would fall away
Cleavage dust to other's interested and evil ways
And that's just a-o-k
We will grow each other back
To the once gorgeous Creation
Our Perfect Chemistry
Our Lovingly balanced Orientation