By Stephen
Date: 2001 Oct 15
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A Jihad's Tale

The Prologue:

Tale of losing and loosening
and warring her illusionistic hierarchy
then finding her love's love invaluable
but falling to chrono's events late tightening
bringing the end of us among us
like human-discharged lightning. . .


Calm, raging war dog
listen to the pain
indulge yourself in the gloom
seal the passage
lock it away
sanctuary your tomb

Protect thyself, forgotten one
hide away from the haze
the sunlight's chaste
it will haunt you now
and for her sake
must you abode

Wake now, frenzied animal
among a dark twilight
you will act out cunning persistence
playing to a broken instrument
you will dance under obsidian horizons
to fight your hydrochloric heart

Haste onward, diluted insignificant soul
her aching linguistics call but another
spacing away thou
to a labyrinthian foreboding
a swirling chaotic nausea
tasting as rust in the mouth

 To what end must we flee

   To what end must we creed

     To this end do you cripple me