By Stephen
Date: 2001 Oct 30
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Not a Question of Why

    --life made more simple
      by a simple concept
   made from simple rambling
       one day in my car--

In a world of reasons
cause of the affect,
descriptive ideals,
and theoretical liaisons

In a world of divided whole
separated in two large groups
faith or science
the decision that is null

It's not a question of why
decide upon Atheist or Christ, what happens when we die

It's not a simple question of why
look before philosophies branch, look away from lies

It cannot be a question of why
unless you have a personal God, someone special upon to rely

it's not a question of why
just go live out your life, stay as good as you can inside

In a world of constant blind looks
where people stick to either or the other side
People have to figure out the question of _if or which_
before it's decided to be a question of WHY