By Ray Heywood
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 07
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All for Love

I have known what it is to have loved and lost,
To have given 'til no more remains
And I have known what it's like to have found a love,
To break free when sadness restrains;
And to know the joy, oh sweetest salvation,
When a heart so pure and free,
Has let down the drawbridge, opened its gate,
And claimed poor,worthless me.
All I have to give is undying devotion
And the truth without deceit,
I lay these things around you now,
Lay them gladly at your feet.
I wiilput on the armour of love if you let me,
Will mount the steed of desire,
And fight for your honour 'til all are vanquished
You're my lady, I am your squire.
Then we'll away to our castle of dreams
At the end of a joyful day,
And rest on a bed of sweetest emotion,
And your champion of love i'll stay.