By Ray Heywood
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 09
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So Dearly Missed

My love don't hasten yet away, but stay with me 'til break of day
Or, if thou cannot then please leave the scent of thee that I may breathe
A clearer air that,from thy breast,leaps forth to calm me when I rest;
If thou must go must thou take all and leave no comfort when night falls?
A boon I crave,if thou wilt now,leave a kiss upon my brow
To soothe through night's darkest hour, oh such sweet lips, love's perfect flower
That blooms there in that sacred place,the blessed boundaries of thy face
Which Angels claim to be their own,thine image in my heart has grown
And stricken all sensibility,I serve thine image here in me.
By your side i'll gladly stay for heart to heart do lovers lay
As,intwined in love did we on that day,ourblessed anniversary
When I kissed and touched such sacred ground,for nowhere is such beauty found
Save on thy form where beauty be,each curve and swell so perfectly
Displayed as by an artist's hand,I tremble at such perfection planned
And excuted with simplistic style,the softest voice,the sweetest smile
Forever in my heart shall stay, 'til time no longer can hold sway
When at time's end in the Holy thunder,and it and space are torn asunder
To drift apart for eternity,do tell me my love...Must We??