By Ray Heywood
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 10
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Skin deep? I think not!!

She wears the folds of beauty's dress,Such skin-tight fit from toe to brow,
Carried over in each silken tress of hair that gleams so precious now,
To match the softest angel smile on whose wings my heart takes flight
And carries me for many a mile to be within her arms tonight
And put an end to lonely hours spent in silent dreams of she
Whose love so far above me towers, yet stoops so in humility,
And brings for me a sweeter ray of hope that she will take my love,
And from her I will never stray, And she will keep me safe above;
For in the folds of beauty's dress, that clings so close from toe to brow,
Underneath each silken tress, I have found my true love now.