By Ray Heywood
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 11
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Oh Amour!!

I found lif'e's rarest gift that day when I looked into your eyes,
My heart swelled within me,my pulse did race, and bird song filled the skies;
My senses reeled, my soul grew wings and soared up to the height,
where my very soul resided,not knowing day from night.
Your face fills every waking hour,your soft voice fills my mind,
And life is so much sweeter now than before,I find,
When, from that moment you had walked in through my open door,
All worldly sounds faded from my ears, replaced by a thundering roar
Of blood that sings in every vein,skin flushed and perspirating,
Waiting here for you to call,your sweet love anticipating.
I hear your footsteps, see your smile,your fragrance fills the air,
You're in my arms,Oh blessed heart,your hands caress my hair;
You hold me long, kiss my lips, my brow,my heart is yours
We lay together 'til the dawn must bring a lover's pause  You have your life, I have mine, but the two will often meet,
So I wave goodbye to you my love as you leave me now to greet,
The dawn alone , but what of that? for we will meet again so soon
And lay together entwined as one in the light of the lover's moon,
And i'll bless the place where you have lain asleep within my arms,
As I, in yours, did gaze in awe at your beauty, your charms;
You stir and waken in the dark, and we gaze at the starry skies
Then we drift into sleep and I dream of that day when I first looked into your eyes.