By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 11
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Sweet May

How light my senses, how immense the joy, how full is my heart today
For again we shall meet, and talk and enjoy this love that was born in May;
'twas May,when the fields were patterned with flowers,you bloomed here in my heart
As the butterflies fluttered,both real and within me,love's flower had the sweetest start,
I looked into two eyes that sparkled and twinkled as diamonds on a jeweller's tray,
I heard a voice smooth as soft summer breezes, my senses,as trees,did sway
You washed over and around me as surf on shingle,caressed by a tide of true love,
And as tides come and go ,I wait by my shore, look for signs in the heavens above;
I look for your star to arrive above me,to know that you're not far away,
I tingle with expectant exultation,I will see you again today;
And the weeks apart will mean nothing for now I hold you 'gainst my breast,
And you may now gain stength and succour as in my arms you rest
And join me in giving thanks for that moment when fate steered two hearts to collide,
And merge and join as one sweet creation, one part of which must bide
The time when you are far from me,and your love is left here in my care,
To keep me from falling into sadness, self-pity, in the days when you're not there;
And I will rejoice again when I see you and strew my love at your feet,
For the years have taught me that love is eternal, and the month of May is so sweet!