By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 12
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Like, Blended Man!!

Did she know, could they tell,would he call again
All lives are here, all desires known,all unhappiness and pain
"I want you" "I need you""I miss so you so""Oh God I wish you were here"
She's gone, he's left, Oh leave me alone, all this sadness and fear
It's right to share these things with you, all of you out there,
In rhyme we tell of love's many paths, laying our spirit bare
All of us, where ever we are,at this special time should dwell
And think of those who matter most,but find it hard to tell
That even though they perhaps have hurt you with a careless word or deed,
You still want them, forgive them, how much they matter,they still fulfill a need
Do it now, call them, TELL THEM, do it whilst you still can,
And on this special Valentine's day we'll be, like blended Man!!!