By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 13
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Love Hurts

Oh my love, the pain I bear, the sweetest pain I know;
'Tis you my love I bear it for, but yet I do not show
These wounds you have made upon my heart as love's arrows pierce me deep,
Pour forth emotions I cannot stem, and so my love I keep
A warm, deep pool of my own sweet love run fresh from each sweet scar
And in this pool I bathe you dear so that life's stains do not mar                                                                                                 The purest heart, the sweetest vision of beauty and grace sublime,
For in my love you so may rest, free from the troubles that bind,
That bring you down to their level of thought, the jealous and the scared
I will keep you safe from them, all your dreams repaired,
For nothing shall harm such a beautiful creature as again our two hearts meet,
And as the arrows of love strike true once more I say again
"how sweet!"