By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 13
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The BIG GUY Answers

Oh Holly, Dear Holly, I received your prayer to day,
The one in which you ask me not to take your love away,
I feel I must point out that it really is their choice,
For there are not that many left who truly listen to my voice
Or if death be the culprit, again I will be blamed,
"how can he let that happen?" Oh I feel so sad and shamed.
People forget I made a pact with Noah long ago,
In which I promised not to intervene whichever way things go,
And so these days I sit and watch as this world lies to all and sundry,
Would they listen to me if I decided to make the weather all thundery?
To cause earthquakes (my fault!?) and other disasters is not the way I do things
I'm that quiet voice that's heard 'bove the storm, the peace that quiet thought brings.
I'm the strength you need when others leave, and your heart sinks to the floor,
I'm the one whose mended all the damage done when they have walked out of your door.
Can I let you have this man who is so kind and good?
Oh my dear, of course I will, I know I really should,
Just don't be mad with me if things don't go the way you've planned
I just simply sit and watch, no longer stretch out my right hand,
There'll be time enough for that when they approach on judgement day
When the loveless who have hurt those who love are carried far away,
So go, enjoy and make your plans for happiness together,
Live life to the full, whilst the sun shines make hay,don't wait for inclement weather
And I will watch over you both as you do whatever pleases
And I'll be here as usual, if things go wrong, to sadly pick up the pieces.