By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 15
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A woman through the ages

She stands before the full length mirror,with crudely painted face,
In shoes (to big) and the suit nature gave her she stares off into space
And dreams of some day in the future when she will at last be free,
Then thinks of her mummy, her daddy, her toys, its alot to give up when your three!

She stands before the full length mirror her make-up more finely drawn,
Admiring her fast growing womanly swells in this hour before the dawn,
Then remembers what had woken her from her deep and peaceful slumber
The very first visit of her "monthly friend", A painful reminder she's a child no longer

She stands before the full length mirror her parents by her side,
Dressed in morter board and gown she glows with inner pride
Having just achieved her child hood dream, a banker she will be,
And all the while the years tick by, and now she's thirty three

She stands before the full length mirror, Martini in her hand,
Surrounded by the trappings of wealth surely life couldn't be more grand?
She disrobes and stands closer to the glass and does a twirl or two
And notices things are not what they were, "oh well, cellulite rules!?"

She stands before the full length mirror, again not fully attired
She has more time to stand and stare, days are lonely since she retired,
No friends to call, they all moved away, to be with their familiy
Now she rues the day she turned him down for now he's married and happily

She sits before the mirror once more, her limbs have given their best,
Suprise Suprise, as she looks at her self she is for once, fully dressed
She has found her old toys, and thinks back to that day when she was only three
And as she leaves this life, her dream finaly comes true, she is,at last, free