By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 15
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Staring and wishing

I'm sitting here staring at that stain upon the wall
'Cos  today you threw that blueberry pie at me
And i'm wondering why you did it and i've just remembered why
This morning I came home at a quarter after three!
And I know you didn't appreciate my attempt at making pies
When, at five fifteen the smoke detector screamed
And the mess the firemen and their hoses made
Well I just imagined it was a really vivid dream.
So i'm sitting here staring at the stain upon the wall
With a hangover that has split my head in two
And i'm staring at all the empty closets as well
Where your clothes hung  before into a bag you threw
Everything that was yours to take( and also few of mine!)
Has gone out through the smashed and smoke-stained door
And i'm sitting here in the middle of a mess of burnt pine
And i'm wishing that I hadn't made you sore!
I've been a fool,Iknow I have, you gave me chance enough to change
All the nights I was out carousing with the boys
When I really should have been at home taking care of you
Then maybe you would still be here as night deploys
The blackest curtain for no light have I,
Here within this dark and soaking place I dwell
Its strange to tell but all I can see is that stain upon the wall,
And, now I think of it, a warm and fruity smell
I'll change from now,  no more the drunk I'll be
If you come back I'll be just like that pie
I'll be baked good and fresh for you to enjoy
Oh darling if you don't come back I'll die!