By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 16
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We walked down to the garden gate, as we have daily done
And stood there in the crisp morning air to see the new-born sun;
As its first rays caressed the land and awakened all from sleep,
I remembered when you first took my hand into a love so deep;
It seems like only yesterday that morning we first met
And even though the years roll by my heart will not forget,
'Twas early morn in summertime, I first met you on the hill
Where you had come amushrooming I still recall the thrill,
Of hair that shone with golden fire, Two eyes the skies above
Grew pale beside, for those two eyes belong to you my love.
You took my name, my love, my pain, gave me far more in return,
And even with advancing years the love inside still burns,
Your'e as beautiful now as when we met, the years have left you alone
Have not dimmed your smile, nor creased your brow, your hair not silver grown,
I know not the years that are left to us, nor do I wish it so
And I could not bear to know which one of us will be the first to go
For if its me, I'll watch over you from somewhere up above,
And if its you then I will know you will do the same my love,
But until then we'll take each day as in years past we've done
And go down to the gate at early morn to greet the new-born sun.