By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 17
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One Hour?...A Lifetime

An hour doesn't seem that much in a lifetime, especially when one has seen
All those warm sweaty summers, those cold crisp winters,and we were there in between,
The hedgerows and crops, lying bare buck naked, on those days when the sun never sets
Or snuggled down tight in huge feather duvets on nights when winter's cold as it gets
But an hour can seem much more than a lifetime when two hearts decide to fight,
We drag out all of those mental markers when the other hasn't done things quite right,
Has said the wrong thing, looked the wrong way, hasn't really been on your side
And in that first ten minutes you tear them to pieces,giving them nowhere to hide,
Then your rage subsides ,you v'e said what you felt, and now they start to fight back,
And suddenly you find you're not that perfect, and so to the wall you back,
Twenty minutes gone and you both sit there sulking, "I wont be the first to give in!"
Twenty minutes more and you both stop trying to tread on ice that's to thin
You look at me with tearful eyes and you KNOW I cannot go on
With this painful fracas, so lets "go to the mattresses" but not in the words of the don,
Your fingers of ice now sear my skin with heat from the fire below
My tongue melts a path cross your mountains and plains to the sweetest valley I know,
We melt together, sobbing, sighing, pledging never again will we fight
And in this last twenty minutes of utter sexual implosion, we both hope that we've seen the light