By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 18
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If I do this...well?

"Enter me!!" she sighed, and I thought "she's already here?"
"ENTER ME!!" she cried , and I thought "this is bloody queer!!
What started as a harmless game of wearing each others clothes
Has turned into a wrestling match that my sense of fair play loathes,
She let me win too easily, i've got her pinned down on the bed,
But now she's fighting back, her thighs are wrapped  around my head,
I really must have hurt her because she's wriggling violently,
And what my nose is rubbing against I shouldn't really see!!
She says she'll burn my pants if I don't do just what she says,
And the fact that i'm still wearing them will make sure I obey!!
She's got my nose trapped 'tween her boobs, she wants me to'feed the pony'
I didn't realise she had a horse, at least she wont be lonely
Now she's laying naked on the bed, legs are all akimbo
Screaming for me to treat her like some ****** *** bimbo
She's tearing at my pants saying she dearly needs a 'stiffy'
I told her to carry on with out me, I'd be back in just a jiffy,
I don't understand what's going on,my bike is much less trouble,
And if there something that needs fixing I can do it at the double
With my trusty manual I can tweak and grease each nipple
I understand each nut and bolt, each curve and bend, each ripple
Now i've gone back into the bedroom,she really is in pain
laying back with eyes tight shut calling out my name,
She must have an ache or a nasty strain,she's got my medical vibrator
And I can't see that much of it, I suppose i'll fetch it later
She's softly moaning now,I think I'll climb back on the bed
And now that she's stopped grabbing me, perhaps she'll help me get my head
Around a very sticky subject that really does me vex
Something thats s'pose to be really special' something they call sex!!