By wordley (R.H.)
Submitted by wordley
Date: 2002 Feb 20
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I Watched you this morning as you awoke from sleep
And I held you as you softly called my name,
As I caressed your form you absorbed me in your love,
A sweet osmotic transfer that's never the same.
I Love You

I watched you this morning as you showered (did you mind?)
I could not take my eyes away from you
You let me soap your back, Oh to touch you once again
And I didn't care that at work I was overdue.
I Love You

I watched you this evening as I massaged your neck
You really have been working far to late
And as my fingers trace a path down to a bra of softest lace
you still feel like you did on our very first date.
I Love You

I am watching you now as you climb into our bed
And your nightdress rides up over your thighs
As you climb across me you stop, and with a smile
You say to me "let's take it to the skies!"
Oh, I Love You

You receive me, and i feel the most exquisite experience known,
We fuse and become one, no boundaries seeing
sweet moon tears and shooting stars streak our mental heaven,
As we explode into each other's state of being.

I am watching you as we lay here in the dimming firelight
I watch your breasts rise as you breathe
I realise that I am the luckiest man alive
And you can be sure that your side I'll never leave