By Vishal
Date: 2002 Feb 23
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It Should Have Been You

I know I've been in love before,
But it never felt this strong.
A unique exhilaration
That I wanted to prolong.
I never thought it would happen to me
But it happened anyway.
I tried to make the most of
Each and every day.
Before I knew it,it was over
And things just fell apart.
I put together my life and
The peices of my heart.
I'm pretty sure I loved her,
And she felt the same way too.
But the first time was wrong,
Instead of her it should have been you.

These things are never easy,
And I found out the hard way.
So I thought the words I love you,
I never again could say.
Then suddenly with you,
It happened all over again.
And a part of me that was broken,
Was now on the mend.
Sometimes I sit and think about
The way that things were.
And the things I'd do for you my love,
I would never have done for her.
I hope that things go slower this time,
With her they simply flew.
The first woman, in my life,
Really should have been you.

Your feelings aren't the same as mine,
This I already know.
I laid bare my soul, you turned me down
With a kind and gentle no.
But you care so much about me,
An ear you always lend.
You are to me, I am to you
The most special kind of friend.
Although I wish you cared some more
This I cannot pursue.
But I still can't shake the feeling that
It really should have been you.

Well I am only human,
I can't change the way I feel.
I guess with time, a lot of time
My pain will someday heal.
It's strange how unlucky I am
In matters of the heart.
Maybe someday I'll find someone
And make a whole new start.
If you find someone special,
Who from me sets you free.
Then I will be happy,
For your happiness is the world to me.
But I still can't keep from hoping that
My dream someday comes true.
Don't you sometimes think,
It should've been you
And only you?