By Vishal
Date: 2002 Mar 14
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More Random Thoughts

After you have reached a certain amount of disillusionment in your personal relationships you can come to a point where you tell yourself that nobody is worth trusting. I'm not talking about anything as drastic as quickly and efficiently severing from your life all the ones who matter. But you tell yourself to take a step back, maintain some distance, and never let yourself get to a point where you suffer solely because of somebody else. And for the most part you succeed.
But there are exceptions to every rule, no man is an island and all that. And inevitably the ones that do get through have that much stronger an effect on you. Their worries and concerns become as much a part of you as the events that caused you to become a loner in the first place. It's almost worse than going through something difficult yourself really, because you're so rarely able to help another person's situation, and you're left feeling their anguish, and a sense of helplessness that is all your own.