By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 04
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The P....Word

Unwind me slowly, at each new facet marvel at the complexity of that before you,
Or is it simplicity you find, I can be many things in the blink of an eye;
Do I impress you with my charm, does the sweet sound of my voice lull you into feeling secure?
Or do you find me arrogant and aloof, impossible to attain for all but others of this ilk.
I am many things to many people, to some a fierce determination for success,
To others a burning desire to love like there is no tomorrow, only tonight
I am found where ever there is a want, a need, a residue of past requirement,
I am here for ALL to enjoy, you only have to let go of your earth-bound fixations,
Your daily grind is your anchor, cast off from its hold and come with me;
I make no judgment of who you are, all I ask is your undivided attention,
No scholars, nor dullards are within my rounds, only those with free thought,
Free enough to see beyond their own little existance, to that realm of pleasure I offer,
If you haven't yet found the clues therein to who I just might be,
Then no matter how clever or slow you are, far from PASSION you'll always be!!