By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 05
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If I Said...

If I said I knew of a place where love was the sky, dreams were the clouds and it rained kisses...would you come?
If I said I knew of a place where childhood fantasies could again be yours, only this time real...would you join me there??
If I said I knew where tomorrow was born, and you could go and see what the day held in store...would you want to know??
If I said I knew where the soul of mankind dwelt, and you could see its myriad faces, its depths, its begining and end ...could you look at it???
If I told you I loved you more than life its self, that when we're together I cannot tell where I end and you begin, please be mine.... would you????
And finally, if I told you I could only do one of the above, the easiest for me, would you think any less of me??
Loving you is the easiest thing to do, the hardest thing to get right, but Babe i'll keep on trying