By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 06
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In Case Of Arguments...

Be humble, do not judge,if someone makes a comment, listen
Lend an ear, don't go picking faults in that 'n' this'n
Even though they've pissed you off, they have a right to say
Now it's your turn to bare your thoughts, in a kinder way
Dont lose your rag or get upset, it isn't worth the hassle
Eventually they'll find it lonely being king of the castle
Refocus in a different way to make them understand the need
Stand back a little, take some time, on anger this can feed

Draw a picture,make a point,just don't expect an instant fix
One finds that patience is a boon when you deal with dicks
Now I've broken my own rule, impatience has just let fly!!
The strain of listening to you all, it makes you want to cry

Forget the way it started, lets concentrate on the end,
If you say "Look, this is dumb, my apologies I send"
Give them room to keep some pride, it's worth it you'll see
Hopefully they'll return the favour, giving you chance to be
The hand of friendship once again, The oil on troubled water

No point in going on with this, to end it you really ought'r
Offer your hand, in a peaceful way, let this be a sign,
When you need a further prod, read the first letter of every line