By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 06
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The Moon?? ... We've been!!

Come, lie with me, let the world and all its problems pass us by,
Sensually we explore each others desires, wants and feelings, emotionally we try
To enter a higher plane of thought, of pleasure, of enlightened being,
Each feeling the others out-stretched soul, all-knowing, all-seeing,
Experiencing every nuance and outline traced by a lover's fiery tongue,
Nape of neck, inner thigh, and then finally those slender arms outflung
Pit of navel, nipple taught, each glistening bead of sweat we count and taste,
Slowly, ohhh so slowly now, lost in time and lost in space
For although the stars shine above us, and the jealous moon pale glows
Her moon-tears, pearls of solitude, on night's dark velvet strung in rows,
We have travelled beyond her realm to where only lovers may go
We are a pool of liquid love and into a stream we flow,
To join a river, then a sea, a great swelling ocean we've become,
All who love are gathered here, one great orgasmic tide for some,
For those who missed this tidal wave, another one will pour,
As we lie spent, our senses drained, on some far-flung etheral shore;
As we return to our former state, as we rest in each others arms,
And I stare at you in dis-belief and awe, as I slowly caress your charms

                 I LOVE YOU!!!