By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 06
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Ramblings of a Lover Drunk On Love

I sometimes think I would die without you.

Lost I would be if you weren't here with me,
Oh, how lonely life would be if I didn't have you
Verily I say to you: "I love you!!"
Even when you're not here I worship you

You are my night, my day, all that I am
Over my soul you have absolute power,
Undone I would be if you did not care!

Make me a mirror of your soul
Offer me all that I can dream of
Reform me in your image, your desire
Ever shall I be in your debt

Take my soul and keep it safe
Hide it where no one may see
Affix my heart as your trophy
Not to your wall, but to your mind

Life would be empty without your love
If I lost you I would die
Forever will you live within me
Ever is the time I would spend with you

In worship of the beauty that is you
Take my being and make it yours
Seal my fate, make me yours forever
Even now I give myself to you
Lest I find that you have foresaken me
Fool, she'll ALWAYS love YOU!!