By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 06
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I kissed the lips of a dream, and felt a fantasy surround me,
I held the promise of love and let the substance slip away;
I felt that which promised so much, yet yielded nought
I saw that which seemed so real, yet dissapated so easily;
I thought I new love, its being, its freedom, so alive
I thought I could live in its light forever, oh fool,
I kissed, I held, I felt, I saw, I thought, all illusions
I am... Oh yes I am the biggest fool alive, who ever lived
I am Adam who saw dawn's first light, whom Eve deceived
I am Samson, who by Delilah was shorn of his strenght(but not love)
I am all Mankind who has been deceived by Woman, poor fool
And yet, who would not give their all for one kiss of those they love
Would not lay down their life for the woman who holds their heart,
You, You who has captured me, enslaved me, loved me
Oh, I cannot do anything more than love you eternally
Woman, if God has a face, it surely that of you!!