By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 07
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A Lesson In Physics

Eistein said "It's relative to your point of view,
The speed that things can happen, when seen by only you"
Hawking says it differently, the universe has no end,
But it's finite, it's just we don't know which way it bends
It's the same with quantum physics, all those little bits and pieces
Plank with his constant, the energy Oppenhiemer releases,
We explore the depths of space, the deepest depths of oceans blue
But all the physics in the land cannot split our love so true
Stronger than any atom, simpler than a covalent bond
Our love could form its own black hole, a really deep,dark pond
As the universe at the start, we had our own 'Big Bang!'
When two hearts collided, merged and formed,its reverberations rang,
At the start it was a squillion degrees, then as it slowly cooled,
It solidified into something new, its form and strength now pooled
And formed a wondrous galaxy of love, a milky way of joy
All the colourful supernovae therein (pink for a girl, blue for a boy!)
Comets of love, meteors of pain, all encompassed within it's glory,
And until the end of time and space it will tell of our love's story!!