By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 08
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Just how sweet IS revenge??

She sits at her dresser, pulls a comb through her lifeless hair as she stares at that all-seeing glass eye
The mirror sees all, knows all and says nothing, a silent friend when she gets ready to go out, fills her with confidence,
Then mocks her when she returns, disheveled from his latest attentions, stockings torn, face bruised and bloodied,
Oh, if only it were possible to escape to that world just a membrane away, where everything is reversed, where SHE would be queen,
To know the power of control, to be able to say to him "kiss my ass, Bitch" and kick him in the balls, split HIS lip, Make HIS nose bleed!!YEAHHHH!
She sits at her dresser when the doorbell rings; it's him "Hey Babe...You There??"... she presses the door release, she can hear him on the stairs
He enters the room but....not HER room, the one in the mirror!!...she can see him as he looks for her, does a double take at the mirror,
He slowly walks towards her, stops and touches hard glass, "what's the matter Baby?? got your tongue?? she says, teasing
He screams and runs through the door,,, and finds himself back in front of her."Well Baby,...i'm gonna leave you to 'reflect' awhile, be good while i'm gone!" as she heads out the door
When she returns she finds him cowering on the floor, like some whipped puppy, eager to please." you gonna be good now?" she croons
And with that, she sits at her dresser, pulling her comb through her lifeless hair, mumbling that voodoo spellshe bought that night he last beat her...last being THE WORD