By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 11
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Bend it...bend it to your will... bend it slowly so that it doesn't break,
Bend it gently, so gently that it doesn't realise it's being altered,
Shape it softly.. slower...almost imperceptably....almost without moving,
So that its alteration seems no more than a thought, a whim...a desire
On the anvil of passion you have shaped my love, from formless to formed
From centreless to centered, from nowhere to where you are
You have taken that which had no purpose and gave it an instant of love,
A brilliant after-image burned into the retina of my soul, A many-hued memory I keep
They say that all things must end, that nothing lasts forever, but oh how wrong they are
God, in all his glory, he lasts for ever, and God is if God is eternal
Then so is is my love for you.