By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 16
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The Happiness Store

Been a busy day, people came, people went out the door of this store that I own,
'The Happiness Store' is the name I gave it, an eternity ago, how it's flown!
It's not always here, 'least that's how it seems, it's only there when you've a need
People remember, then retrace their steps, but it's useless, nothing left to see,
A old vacant lot, a few rusted cars, and a wino who'll put his hand up and swear
That at certain times, if you stay long enough, you'll see a store appear from thin air!
And so it was today actually, and a lady wandered in from the cold
Think she'd seen my display of second-hand hearts, some fairly new, some quite old;
And then, with one of those quirks of fate, she reached up to a shelf and took down
An old battered box, with not only a heart, but also a rich golden crown;
The heart once belonged to a saint long ago, the crown was a mark of his station,
And at his passing they both came to me, and i've kept them  from degradation
On the counter she placed an new but ill-fitting heart that had obviously seen better days,
Yet she was willing to trade for this ancient effect that glowed with love's brightest rays
On fitment the heart fell straight into place, the crown took its place on her brow,
A soft gentle smile replaced her frown, no more that fear of hurt now
Only a clear understanding of what it means to love, as away from the store she did whisk,
She knows now that true love has a price, and that price is not without risk!