By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 17
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Pinnochio Rocks!!

Hey Girl let me tell you 'bout the word
The word is Pinnochio, haven't you heard?
How I was made from a tree, a piece of willow
By a weird ole man named Papa Gepetto.
Now I'm a puppet or so I appear
But I got no strings, now aint THAT queer
A fairy put a spell on me dont ya know
Now I dont need no one else to go!

Pumf  Chiiiii  Pumf Pumf  Chiiii

Now a cat came by, he was really cool!
Said "hey Pinnoch, Dont go to school"
said "come with me, i'll show you how
To be a film star" I thought "Holy cow!"
But all this time alittle voice was sayin'
"Hey pinnoch, dont do this please, I'm prayin'"
It's inside my head where there's a space
I said "Hey Jimminy man, get outta my face!!

Pumf  Chiiiii   Pumf  Pumf  Chiiii

So I went with this cat and he sold me short
By some some really weird dude I was finally bought
Put me in a show, made me sing and dance,
When I could escape I took my chance.
Then, with Papa on his yacht, went for a sail,
Saw the world, the inside of a whale
Saw lots of ladeeeez of all shapes and size
They'd sit on my face and i'd tell them some lies

Pumf  Chiiiii  Pumf  Pumf  Chiiiii

Now we're back home and I'm a real boy
And I'm a real wild child, Papa's pride and joy
Gotta go to school, learn to toe the line
Get a handle on the reason for this life of mine;
I still miss being wooden, I could fall on my ass
And it wouldn't hurt none, and all the people that pass
Would say "Hey boy, you're gonna go far!!"
Guess this is what happens when you wish on a star!!

Pu...Shit, you know it by now!!