By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 25
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You've been out again today, out with HIM
How do I know??.... I have my spy
I know which motel you use, just over the rim
Of this valley in which I sit and cry
I know you haven't been back long,
around ten minutes, I think
You say you've spent hours cooking...that's wrong!
As I tip this instant muck down the sink.
You didn't like all those hours spent
Every night I went down to the garage,
Putting her together, every panel un-bent
On that beautiful Rolls-Royce Camargue.
I gave her to you, a gift from me
After her found her wrapped in rust
I spent hours re-forming her original glory
Weeks and months spent removing layers of dust.
We shared a lot of secrets, that little lady and I,
As you went off every night on your own,
And I told her I suspected you were playing the field
As around me her steel-fingered glove had grown.
Now all I need is to check the miles, 62, that's right,
Takes you to that dive "The Lover's Trist"
Thirty one there and thirty one back
Sure adds up to me, and on this back seat you kissed,
And who know's what else, and who with
It's been a few, of that I'm fairly sure,
I've seen the footmarks, the burns, the stains
The evidence of events not quite so pure
You ask on what I base all this,
My dear, I thought I'd made it clear
My witness sits there on the drive, MY real true love
She I know will never leave me lonely here,
You've been back ten minutes, just how do I know?
I listen to her gently cooling heart
Her manifolds sing gently in a tinkling melody
The notes are now just seconds apart.
I know from experience how long she takes to cool,
Having driven her to fever pitch and more,
Have felt her response, her power within my hands
Have felt her turbine smoothness sing and soar,
No more will I desire that which others have abused
I have no need to grope or there to be
With my duster and my cleaner, i'll hold a much purer form
My beloved "Spirit of Ecstacy"!!!