By wordley
Date: 2002 Apr 26
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That's it...THERE!!...Now scratch!!!

Answer me softly, and in truth, does love still live within?
Or has its essence diminished and died, succumbed to deceit and sin?
Do you still wear love like a favourite shirt, never mind its many patches
Or has it finally rotted away, leaving an itch that guilt now scratches
But cannot relieve as the truth will out, and the rash of un-truth glows raw
The dock leaves of deception are a temporary cure, as you grasp at any final straw
The lies you painted in their water-coloured hues now merge and blur through bitter tears
The canvas on which you painted our lives was never meant to be this stretch of years
I helped you through a breakup (and down) I was here when you needed me most,
And I have watched as you've touched other hearts, like some sad, worn out ghost
But now I ask you, in this final hour, which way does the path of true love lie?
And if you need a map, or the Samaritan's assistance then this love was truly meant to die!!