By Stephen
Date: 2002 May 20
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The Circle and the Square

In rueful contradiction
where you swim my mind
you bend all my rules
like rationality was sin
and yet you make me drink water
when I should drink wine

The love filled tapestries
congruent with my experience in time
you mock them like teasing children
unveiling wholesomely, their
masquerading inconsistencies
exhibiting love you wish me to find

How in my dwindling dreams
can one such as you confide
when I draw these lopsided squares
showing condolence within confusion
and you just swallow my sorrow
within circles, touching my four sides

In awing benediction
you manage with me to abide
you straighten my disproportionates
through your symmetrical invocation
and at comforting ease now I am
as contradictions of mine finally subside