By wordley
Date: 2002 May 24
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Simply Love, No Bullshit!!

Those little bits of me and you,
That in years gone by have certainly grew,
And attracted glances from admiring souls
Who would like to encroach on our various holes,
For no matter what their orientation,
They would seek our exploitation
In the name of so-called love,
Their mental phallus into us shove
And leave a seed of consternation
A classic head fuck, an ejaculation
Of lies, proclaiming love is dead,
It only exists here in the head
And is used, materially by those who seek
To gain control over the weak........
What beats here, within my breast?
This heart seeks nothing, save the rest
Of laying 'gainst another like
Who listens not to a twisted phsyche
Is deaf to the lies the mind may tell
Passed down each fibre, to each cell
But stops there at that noble gate,
Beyond which they would have to wait,
And dissipate in the fire of time
For heart is the home,not of reason, but of rhyme
And wimsey, and fancy and timeless desire
All those wonderful qualities to which we aspire........
Simple love.....that's what I'm about
If I go to the mountains and from the top, shout
I'll have no truck with ulterior motives
For my idea of heaven is not where God lives
But is where ever you may be,
And your little bits that grew up so attractivly!!