By Stephen
Date: 2002 May 31
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Two warriors under the night

The scattered ashes
of our legacy
remain potent as
scars lingering bodily
in the black space between
bright flashes we
look trough memory
laying upward in night
with savior moon
crying forthright
relying on minions
to ignite our twilight
in providing this
conversational opportunity
when staring at nothing
brings something to mind
so I can ask of your ashes
as a speckled void above
is cut into lines
from angered stars
back to mangled scars
and was I always so curious
of where the streaks go
in the vast void of darkness
they were always lost
but now I know
in reality you and me
are wartime heroes
who still gather
burnt dog-tags
from the other's
dead regiments
as if to flaunt our failures
that we knew we
couldn't prevent
their captures
their tortures
but I need to realize
the many purple hearts
we've both hurtfully earned
are past relations
different battles
that are over now
and all that remains
are duties of love and play
to joyfully fulfill
every single day
from this day on
because we're one another's
metal of honors
and cherish these and
cherish each other's
sunny days to
starlight slumbers
we will...
I promise
I will