By Stephen
Date: 2002 Jun 05
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Stuck on Opposite

What is with these opposites attracting?
Is it too much to ask...
Maybe once in awhile I could find someone that looks like me?
Apples seek Oranges and Oranges find Bananas
and Bananas admire Apples again
Lights, Tans, and Browns
Blondes, Brunettes, and Darks
Blues, Browns, and Greens
Humans aren't like flocks of the same color
They are more like knives and spoons
Or just forks and sporks
What's wrong with a blue eye, blond haired couple anyways?
Why is it forbidden? What conspirator is behind these unwritten laws?
Light wants dark...dark likes light
Am I limited to café mocha?
Or can I get some vanilla flavor once in awhile
Hell, even cappuccino would be just fine
Maybe I don't want difference and variety
Maybe sometimes I like to see myself in others
Maybe I enjoy the feeling of similarity
I love diversity I do, really I do
So why don't I get some change going right now!
What's with girls having to be shorter than guys?
Why do all guys like short, and all women like tall?
And what the hell is wrong with equal size?
Length is everything
Size is everything
Width is everything
I'm sick of these rules and dictations
They ruin a pending love life