By wordley
Date: 2002 Jun 30
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Leave me a smile as you leave my side
Even now as you bid me farewell,
So that you may see what you mean to me
Love, your smile means more than words can tell.
Even now, as you go, I do miss you so
Your soft voice i'll miss when you're gone;
When sadness decends, on this moment depends,
And the way that my life will go on.
Fast closes the door, and I see you no more,
The last fleeting glimpse of your face,
ONE of love and caring, that smile you are wearing
Puts all my worries in place.
Out of this man's concern for your future return
Rises fears that you may never come,
The time passes slowly. I think of you only
Lest I find that my memories are gone.
And now, my love sent from heaven above
No more these fears can I hide,
Don't leave me so blue, for your smile pulls me through,
Drowns me deep in a warm sea of pride.
Rouses my spirit, rouses my heart,
Inflates my soul for a while
Vents my frustration, incites exultation,
E're when you leave me a smile